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Xbox 720 Alleged Leaked Microsoft Document
On the weekend in a very forum a 56-page PowerPoint presentation was published in which it ought to be, ostensibly to Microsoft's plans for the future of Xbox. The document stipulates the Xbox 720 being released 2013 towards the market. Update: Microsoft requires deletion of the document.1With Blu-ray player, Abcya 2018 and always-on2augmented reality glasses3Update of 22 June: Microsoft threatened with legal action.The update of 22 June you can find on the end in the article.The PowerPoint presentation itself dates from 2010, but only agreed to be made this weekend online. Meanwhile, the document may be removed with the behest of the attorney, however it can at still be downloaded as PDF-file. According on the presentation could be the Xbox 720 as well as Kinect V2 for Christmas season 2013 out there.With Blu-ray player, and always-onThe Xbox 720 will surely cost $ 299. The equipment according for the document incorporate a Blu-ray drive. The next Microsoft console to aid games that seem to be like four to six times up to games on the Xbox 360 . It also aims to provide an always-on functionality.The document describes features as Microsoft at E3 with Xbox SmartGlass within the presentation is talk that users can, as an example, might find additional information with regards to a movie on your own smartphone or tablet. An example application, that has been so named around the gaming show.Augmented Reality GlassesIn addition on the Xbox 720 as well as the latest version of Kinect that would allow, as an example, the simultaneous motion control games by four persons in the document can be to so-called Fortaleza Glasses. This is apparently to eyeglasses with augmented reality functionality that can in 2014 reach the market. This should come first in the living room in conjunction with the TV used. Later are going to well-heeled of these equipped with mobile technologies, including 4G support.Update of 22 June: Microsoft threatened with legal actionAs The Verge reports, Microsoft has begun to transmit letters to hosting and web pages on what the document is appreciated. In these calls the group to delete the file having a reference to a violation of the copyrights of Microsoft. The document is apparently genuine.Letters received , according to The Verge , a Czech engineering side, and Dropbox .to find out more in regards to the upcoming release from the Xbox 720 you can visit gadget-mag on the internet

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