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abcyaIs Nintendo Restructuring Their Strategy For Wii U?
Nintendo Wii U is Nintendo's upcoming computer game console also is a successor of Nintendo Wii. This games console is set to produce next year probably around April. All this while, including during E3 Expo back in June this year, it appears that Nintendo's selling points for Wii U is its controller. Wii U promised High Definition visuals that's expected to exceed the ones from Sony's PS3 as well as Microsoft's Xbox 360. However, now that Sony has announced that their upcoming Playstation Vita (PS Vita) is likewise able to be used as a controller for PS3, it appears that Nintendo Wii U seems to have its direct competitor before launched. Since Sony has also been presenting the superiority from the visuals and graphics of PS Vita, it looks like Nintendo needs to rethink their strategy. After all, it's actually a bad idea to merely focus on a console's controller, like what Nintando has been doing so far for the upcoming Wii U. Now that the tiny, sleek, and powerful PS Vita doubles as being a controller for PS3, let alone it may also play PS3 games out and about, after that Nintendo's next strategy be?First, Nintendo pulled Wii U through the display of your video game Abcya trade event, the GamesCom 2011, that's designed to take place in Cologne, Germany from August 17 to August 21, 2011. This is among the largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games, and Nintendo chose to accomplish. Sure there is one thing Nintendo is planning? Restructuring their plans for Wii U maybe? Maybe Nintendo remarked that they need to take a step for Wii U 'now', instead of later, prior to console ultimately ends up like Nintendo's 3DS. Nintendo recently cut the cost of 3DS to acheive more sales. The 3DS's sales just weren't like how Nintendo had likely to see, and after this they cut the cost by 40% to stop generating losses. Now, what will eventually Wii U? Will the same get lucky and this upcoming console?Furthermore, it is often known since Nintendo are targeting hardcore gamers using the upcoming Wii U, in contrast to casual gamers, which are Nintendo Wii's subscriber base. Is this a gamble move which will cost Nintendo not only their existing customers (of Wii, which can be 'casual' gamers) but also losing their targeted customers, which can be hardcore gamers too?

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