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The waste from the cast-iron process is treated

song chắn rácIron is an alloy of iron-carbon and some other elements. Because of the low melting point of cast iron, good thinness, easy to cast, easy to work and abrasion resistant, the factory price is low. Today, cast iron is used in many different areas - you can see cast iron everywhere - especially mechanical engineering, manhole cover, cable lids ...
Cast iron nắp hố ga bằng gang thành an process consists of the following main steps:
1. Modeling articles
2- Prepare the green sand mold
3- Metal melting, additives
4- Pour the molten metal into the mold
5- Wait for the metal to cool and remove it from the mold.
6. Handling of used sand
7- Finishing details.
You can refer to the detailed casting process here.

Does the casting of pig iron have a byproduct or waste? How are they handled?
In the process of casting cast iron, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide and benzene are produced when molten iron is in contact with blue sand.
Previously, lead was often used as a binder in some types of molds. The burial of these used molds has caused heavy metal pollution problems. In the molding process, plastics generate volatile organic compounds when they are melted.
Most sand in green sand can be recycled in new castings. However, a certain percentage of sand becomes too fine during casting and must be removed.

One of the applications of cast iron technology is the production of cast iron hatch covers. Perhaps in the future manhole cover production process will change a lot. The use of substitute materials will not be used for production as cast iron manhole covers are extremely economical.
There is an interesting possibility for the manhole cover manufacturing process, which is computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM). With giá nắp hố ga bằng gang CAD-CAM, manhole cover designers can create complex patterns that can be cut out of the mold by automated machines. Rather than using high-wage workers to spend the whole day or week creating complex manhole cover models that are as demanding as some. With technology and computer ready design, the model can be cut in just minutes. At that time, the manhole cover was not only dull, convenient, manhole cover could once again contribute to the art of street and street sidewalks.

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