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Pile cover: Composites replace cast iron in British university campuses

Traditional cast iron manhole covers were replaced on campus with composite versions produced by Fibrelite Composites (Skipton, North Yorkshire, U.K., and Pawcatuck, Conn.).

Cast iron (magnesium cast iron) has been used to produce manhole covers and trash covers since the mid-20th century due to its high strength and compressive strength. Underground infrastructure engineers rarely consider the use of alternative materials. However, multi-level heating system researchers, such as university systems, are aware of the hazards of cast-iron manholes. The iron becomes very hot when exposed to internal steam and outside sunlight, and it is also conductive - a concern when the sewer cap is placed in a walkway where students wear sandals or go barefoot. warm weather. In addition, although the cast iron is capable of withstanding heavy loads and heavy loads, it is very heavy - the density of the cast-iron culvert cap can be as high as 450 lb / ft3 (7,208 kg / m3). A small 32-inch / 813 mm diameter can weigh up to 250 lb / 113.4 kg, so it can result in injury to workers as they move.

Based on these factors, a team of engineers from the leading engineering university based in Cambridge, Mass., Has studied the direction to replace conventional manhole covers with composite composite versions. produced Fibrell Composites (Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK and Pawcatuck, Conn.). Then, many other universities in the United States and Canada followed suit.

Fibrelite uses glass laminated glass and woven glass to create fiber reinforced embryos that maximize bending strength and weight-to-weight ratio. The embryos were then song chắn rác thành an infused with polyester during the plastic molding transfer; Vinyl esters are used for high temperature or high corrosion applications. The thermal gradient characteristics of the Fibrelite composite compartment lid significantly reduce the heat transfer from the vapor tunnel below - the surface temperature of the lid is usually only slightly higher than that of the surrounding environment. Extensive tests have shown that the composite lids remain cool to the touch and support the wheelbase much like the 32-inch cast iron hatch, but they weigh nearly 70 percent. Fibrelite insists that the composite mantle lid removes the possibility of electric shock and corrosion due to salt, oil, water and steam and avoids theft like cast iron lids - they are as valuable as scrap metal. In addition, Fibrelite Company may permanently cast to the upper surface of the manhole cover any school logo or other sign in one or more colors.

The manhole cover made of composite materials of Thanh An Company is based on the international standards of sewer hatch covers. - BSEN 124: 1994; CJ / T121 2000. Please contact us:

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