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Sports Stadiums Being Upgraded For Digital Revolution

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General view of the Corinthians Arena during a Brazilian championship match between Corinthians and Figueirense in Sao Paulo, on May 18, 2014

iptv usaIt's the middle of finals season with tens of thousands of fans turning out iptv at stadiums to cheer their teams to victory. Many fans at these and other sporting events already turn to digital technology by using their smartphone to track results and share their experience with others.

But currently at many venues, when so many thousands of people simultaneously try to use mobile devices, connectivity is limited due to high volume of requests. What is needed is a new generation of technologies to address this infrastructure issue.

This new frontier for information communication technology in sport is one which could fundamentally change our experience as spectators of professional sport - the digital revolutions in our sports stadiums.

Our love of stadiums
The sports stadium has traditionally provided a sense of place allowing spectators to watch sport live, but also to "feel" the contest though cheering and jeering en masse in a sea of moving colors.

The stadium provides the physical structure that collectively encapsulates the emotive and fervent feelings of the crowd. This is particularly heightened at large events such as an AFL or NRL grand final, or World Cup cricket match.

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