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Inmate Search Henderson Jail

Henderson Jail

Below you may also use the inmate search database to find a an inmate that has completed the booking process. The booking process can take around four hours and the inmate will not show in the search results until this can be completed. The quickest way to search for any inmate in the Henderson Nevada Jail is is to telephone -LRB-702-RRB- 608-2245. Our friendly staff will find your friend or loved one and be able to provide you with:

1. Bail advice: Exactly what it cost for them out of jail now.
2. Charges: What offense are they accused of.
3. Next court : When they will observe the judge.

The Henderson Detention Center is located behind the Court House in downtown Henderson in 18 Basic Road. This facility also offers contractual detention services for other governmental entities such as immigration. The Henderson Nevada Jail includes a staff of over 110 people. The team ranges from detention officers to administrative specialists that service the 500 offenders. Medical providers are available such as 24 hour nursing care, weekly doctors visits and even dental care.

The Henderson Detention Center employee ratio to inmates is almost five to one. With that said, this prison is the best selling center in the valley. Many inmates who have seen another local jails, refer to as a country club. The facility is open 24 hours for inquiries and bail posting. Any individual that is arrested in the Henderson area will be held in this detention facility.

Henderson Nevada Inmate Search Tool

That is a live look of any inmate that's currently at the Henderson Nevada Jail. Please note that inmates will only show up within this database once they complete the reservation in procedure. The booking in procedure can take around four hours or more. There are 3 ways to search for an inmate:

Search by last name

In the"Inmate Name" bar form the first two to three letters of those inmates last name. This is a extensive search and it'll provide you a listing of inmates name. If there are too many search results you may add letters or write the whole name.

Search by using your phone

Telephone -LRB-702-RRB- 608-2245 immediately to search for an inmate by using your phone 24 hours per day. Our friendly operator will find your friend or loved one at the Henderson Jail. There's no quicker way to hunt for anybody than using your phone anywhere and anytime.
What to do after the inmate is located

You discovered your buddy in the Henderson Detention Center and you're wondering what to do next. You have these choices out there. Should you require immediate help please telephone -LRB-702-RRB- 608-2245 at this time and we'll assist you 24 hours a day.

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